Ultimate Hand Brace Drill (3 Jaw)


Less speed + more torque = more control.

These superb quality hand braces will accept both brace shanked and hexagonal machine shanked augers (square shanks engage a square hole behind the chuck and the jaws reach around to grab the shank).

A three position ratchet mechanism allows the brace to be used in situations where there isn't space available to swing the crank through a full revolution (also handy when using it with sockets or screwdriver bits).

The head and grip are made from durable plastic composite material - they can't use wood because the whole unit gets submerged for electroplating. The head is mounted on a race of bearings for smooth operation.

Length 360mm (14 inches)

Jaw Capacity 3.5mm to 16mm.

Not suitable for very short shanked spoon bits.