Workshop Heaven Poppy Seed Oil 250ml

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Cold pressed Poppy seed oil is a natural, food-safe oil that is ideal for use on woodworking projects. It is slow to dry (even slower than linseed), which allows it to penetrate deeply into the wood and provide long-lasting protection. Poppy seed oil also has a high lustre, giving wood a warm, non-yellowing silky finish.


Pour a small amount directly onto the clean and dry surface. Using a clean, lint-free cloth to rub the oil over the surface until completely covered. If the wood absorbs all the oil, repeat. Leave for 20 minutes and wipe with a clean rag before allowing to dry. Touch dry in a few hours; curing could take a few days to a week dependant upon conditions.

  • Cold Pressed from the White Poppy "Papaver Somniferum"
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan friendly
  • Food Safe
  • Non GMO
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Safe for absorption through the skin with healing benefits for conditions such as eczema
  • Can be used with pigments and mixed with other vegetable oils and solvents
  • Store in a cool dark place
  • Dispose of oily rags carefully to avoid ignition
  • Product of Turkey