Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish 60ml

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Alfie Shine was researched and developed by Jim Hendricks for use on his extensive collection of rare and valuable woodworking hand tools. It began as an historical research project rather than a commercial product and it is only ever made by following Jim's original recipe to the letter. It's a proper, old fashioned, hard wax polish with the addition of some special natural ingredients borrowed from a 17th century instrument maker's finishing recipe.

Unlike many of the wax polishes available today, that are soft paste waxes or creams bulked out with solvents to increase their volume, Alfie Shine doesn't contain any solvents, dryers or accelerants at all.

Alfie Shine penetrates and nourishes dry wood with successive applications, the resins gradually build into a resilient clear protective surface that enhances the figure of the timber without degrading patina.

And the icing on the cake - Alfie Shine exudes the most gorgeous scent from the Frankincense oil.

Please note this product includes Beeswax


How to use:

Apply in thin coats (as a little goes a very long way) with a soft cloth or a brush for larger surfaces. Allow a few minutes before buffing to a shine.

Further applications can be applied, leaving a couple of days or so between each to allow everything to harden up, but if you keep going, it will eventually build into an incredibly deep, rich and subtle gloss finish.