Alfie Shine Polishing Kit

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This Alfie Shine Polishing Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves working with wood.

Alfie Shine is a proper, old fashioned, luxurious blend of waxes, oils and resins developed from a 17th century instrument maker's finishing recipe. It is all natural, contains no volatile solvents and smells absolutely gorgeous.

In keeping with the fine quality of the polish, the 100% natural bristle brush and raw unbleached cotton polishing cloth have been made specifically for Alfie Shine by traditional manufacturers in England.


  • x2 60ml tins of Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish
  • Alfie Shine Pure Bristle Brush
  • Alfie Shine Polishing Cloth
  • Supplied in presentation gift packaging

How to use:

Apply in thin coats (as a little goes a very long way) with either the cloth, or brush for larger surfaces. Allow a few minutes before buffing to a shine.

Further applications can be applied, leaving a couple of days or so between each to allow everything to harden up, but if you keep going, it will eventually build into an incredibly deep, rich and subtle gloss finish.