Ashley Iles Carbon Steel Skew Chisel 1-1/4"


The quintessential tool for shaping and finishing, the skew takes a little practice to master but with a light touch it can produce polished surfaces that are ready for finish without sanding. Used on edge with the cutting edge upwards it can be used with pinpoint accuracy to define transitions and turn beads, used on its side with just the heel engaged and the point kept well clear, it's ultra low angle produces an astonishingly clean cut on flat and radiussed surfaces.

There is a choice of material for skew chisels, some prefer the edge retention of HSS while others value the edge taking qualities of carbon steel.

We believe this shape is the optimum 'best of both worlds' section for a turning skew, rounded sides allow it to slide easily on the tool rest without any risk of causing dents in the event of a catch as can happen with a square edged tool, while the flat faces register well on the grinder rest making it significantly easier to sharpen and maintain than oval skews.

Ashley Iles woodturning tools are individually handmade in England, they are ground by hand to a beautiful finish with all edges eased so that they feel wonderful in the hand and are supplied fitted with traditional pattern beech handle made in Sheffield.