Ashley Iles Pole Lathe Skew Chisels

£28.50 - £30.40

There is nothing like a wonderfully sharp carbon steel skew chisel for producing a clean glossy finished surface on the wood. The tool is usually used on its side, short edge at the bottom, and cuts with the lower half of the edge. With the skew inverted, the tip can be used to carve in crisp features like lines and v grooves.

Ashley Iles round the edges of the skew chisel so that it rides easily along the tool rest without snagging.

  • Overall length: 405mm (15.94" approx)
  • Blade length: 167mm (6.57" approx)
  • Blade width: 18.90mm (0.75" approx) or 25mm (1" approx)
  • Handle length: 225mm (8.85" approx)
  • Thickness: 6.50mm (0.25" approx)
  • Beech handle.