Ashley Iles HSS Beading and Parting Tool 1/4"

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As the name suggests, the beading and parting tool serves two functions, whilst being slightly wider than necessary for parting off and plunging transitions, it can also be used for forming decorative beads and tight roundovers rolling the tool outwards from the centre in either direction. It's stable square edge is also wonderful for forming parallel sections like tenons.

Ashley Iles woodturning tools are individually handmade in England, they are ground by hand to a beautiful finish with all edges eased so that they feel wonderful in the hand and are supplied fitted with traditional pattern beech handle made in Sheffield.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Size: 6mm (¼")
  • Overall Length: 375mm (14¾")
  • Handle Length: 220mm (8⅝")
  • Useable Blade Length: 150mm (5⅞")
  • Blade Thickness: 6mm (¼")