Ashley Iles HSS Shear Scraper 3/4"


Whereas most scrapers sit flat across the toolrest, the shear scraper is used at an angle with one edge on the rest and is pulled across the work, this introduces a shear angle to the cut giving improved finish on tricky surfaces like endgrain, crotch timber and burrs, they are most commonly used for the outside of bowls.

Designed by Mike Tingey, this shear scraper has rounded sides that slide easily on the toolrest and are less likely to damage it in the event of a catch, the long point gives good access and nice long edges to work with.

Like all scrapers, the shear scraper is a finishing tool that takes a very light cut. Mastering the use of these tools saves time by reducing the amount of sanding required and with it the amount of fine airborne dust generated.

Ashley Iles woodturning tools are individually handmade in England, they are ground by hand to a beautiful finish with all edges eased so that they feel wonderful in the hand and are supplied fitted with traditional pattern beech handle made in Sheffield.