Ashley Iles HSS Mario Rodriguez 3-in-1 Woodturning Tool

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A professional quality artists woodturning tool designed to do multiple jobs, not out of miserliness but for a smooth uninterrupted workflow.

Impressively nimble for such a large tool, the 9mm thick Mario Rodriguez is similar in section to a continental spindle gouge but thicker, with a very steep supportive bevel and angled sides.

"When turning on the lathe, I like to switch tools as little as possible and this low / shallow sweep gouge is one of the most versatile tool in my collection. First, the short handle makes it compact and nimble, making it an easy tool to use in tight spaces. Yet, because of the tool's mass I also use it for roughing. The very low sweep lets me wield it like a flat skew to easily execute clean, flat, shimmering tapers and it can also shape large, luscious beautiful curves. The gouge's straight, square edge (ground 9 degrees from vertical) lets me get into tight corners for clean detail work." Mario Rodriguez

If not a panacea, it's certainly a big confident step in that direction, and on the occasions when the Mario can take you all the way from a square blank to parting off in one smooth journey, it is pure uninterrupted creative pleasure.

  • Overall length: 410mm (16")
  • Blade length: 185mm (7½")
  • Blade width: 33mm (1½")
  • Handle length: 190mm (7½")
  • Blade thickness: 12mm (½")
  • Beech handle