Belgian Blue Coticule 300 x 100mm with Box

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Belgian Blue Waterstone (BBW) is geologically very similar to Vielsalm coticule and occurs in the same strata, it typically has a slightly lower concentration of garnets (30% vs 35%) but is present in large thick seams capable of producing magnificent specimens like this 300 x 100mm monster. Blue is fractionally slower than yellow coticule, but capable of achieving the same remarkable quality of finish (4000 - 10,000).

Each stone is supplied with a slurry stone of yellow coticule/naturally occurring strata layer of Belgian Blue, using the yellow side of the rubbing stone will help to increase the speed and produces a wonderful violet slurry. The technique for Belgian blue is the same as coticule, adjusting slurry thickness and pressure to control how the stone cuts. Double cream consistency and moderate pressure for fast cutting, through to clean water and very light pressure for the finest polish

Belgian blue is a non-porous stone that is lubricated with water (optionally treated with Honerite gold), without the requirement to soak before use - just splash and go.

Stone: 300 x 100 x 18mm

Supplied with a beech and birch ply storage box

Slurry stone will vary in shape from image