Benchware Starter Bundle

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We've pulled together a few of our best selling benchware items into a Bundle.


  • York Moxon Vice
  • Simon James Holdfasts - Pair
  • Workshop Heaven General Purpose Leather
  • Star-M F-Type Auger Bit - 19mm

If purchased individually: £261.50


Moxon Vice:

A very useful tool - a simple demountable system that can be used as required and stored out of the way when not in use. Held in place with the holdfasts, usually on the edge of the bench with the back jaw overhanging the edge by a hair to give full clearance to the floor and raising your working height by 5½" (140mm) above the bench surface. This gives a better position for accurate fiddly jobs on ends and edges - like sawing dovetails, cutting and paring tenons, ploughing grooves etc.


These function superbly, and can almost be set with hand pressure alone. So with a bosh from a mallet they grip incredibly tightly and release with a bash to the back of them and they will pop free.

Each holdfast is checked and tested, then matched as pairs, so you get very consistent clamping pressures from both.

Workshop Leather:

One of those incredibly versatile items that no workshop should be without. Surprisingly grippy when even slightly compressed, it can be used to assist in all sorts of clamping and work holding applications as well as protecting delicate surfaces from damage.

F Type Auger Bit:

This 19mm is the perfect size to drill the holes for our Holdfasts. The innovative conical tip allows them to be used to ream out smaller diameter holes to a larger diameter and chase together holes drilled from opposite faces. The tip design also helps to reduce breakout on the exit side as the material is progressively sheared outwards from the centre. Also features Japanese style hex shank.