York Lux Parallel Bench Vice & Telescopic Mount Bundle Deal


Buy York Lux Parallel Bench Vice 125mm and get 20% off the price of the York Telescopic Bench Vice mount as part of this Bundle - a saving of £44!

York Lux Parallel Bench Vice 125mm 

The Lux specification is the top of the range of York concentric cylinder bench vices, the latest iteration of a design dating back to the 1920's with the screw completely enclosed in a telescopic tube. As well as keeping the mechanism clean this arrangement naturally constrains its movement to a single axis - so it can't rack. Blue hammerite finish, zinc chromated mainscrew and hand levers to secure the vice to its +/-45 degree rotary base. 

  • Jaw width: 125 mm
  • Clamping length: 100 mm
  • Clamping depth: 80 mm

Download instructions here


York TD Bench Vice Telescopic Mount 125mm

The York TD telescopic screw mount bolts on to the edge or corner of the workbench and allows the vice to be screwed up and down, providing 360 degree rotation adjustment and working height adjustment of up to 200mm. It doesn't flip under the bench, it just provides height adjustment and rotation.

Clearance requirement below the worktop height: 260mm

Download Instructions Here

Note: Mounting bolts not included.