York PTT Bench Vice Telescopic Tipper Mount 125mm


The York PTT telescopic tipper is the Rolls Royce of bench mounts. You can raise or lower the vice by up to 190mm (minus the thickness of your benchtop), rotate the vice through 360 degrees and lock it at any position within that height or rotation using the orange Bristol lever. By unscrewing the silver thumbscrew you can fold the whole lot under the bench out of the way.

Minimum clearance requirement below the underside of the worktop: 600mm

Suitable for any thickness of benchtop from 50mm to 150mm.

The mass of the vice is counterbalanced by a gas spring, do not try to operate the mechanism without having a vice and a bench attached to it.

Vice and mounting bolts not included.

Compatible with York Lux Parallel Bench Vice 125mm - as shown but not included.

Download Instructions Here