York Lux Parallel Bench Vice 125mm

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With its telescopic body, integrated anvil and fully enclosed spindle, the York bullet vice is a classic piece of industrial design. Sturdy, solid and reliable, they have graced the workbenches of mechanics and machinists for over 85 years.

The rotary base comes as standard, although the vice can optionally be mounted directly or to one of the accompanying range of flip under or height adjustable mounts. The Lux range includes a blue hammerite finish, zinc chromated mainscrew and hand levers to secure the vice to its rotary base.

Jaw width: 125 mm

Clamping length: 100 mm

Clamping depth: 80 mm

The similarity with American Wilton vices is no coincidence, Wilton's founder Hugh Vogl was a distributor of York vices in Prague before moving to Chicago in the late 1930's. Given the world situation at the time, intellectual property wasn't a priority, but both ranges do share the same origins.

Vice mount and bolts not included - shown for illustrative purposes only.

Download instructions here