Richard Kell No.3 MkII Honing Guide & Starter Wedge

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The Rolls Royce of honing guides, the Richard Kell No.3 MkII is an astonishingly accurate piece of kit. As with Richard Kell's No.1 and No.2 honing guides, the correct working face is used as the datum, but with the No.3 the reference face is a polished brass plate made from engravers 'compo' sheet which is guaranteed much flatter than standard brass sheet.

Two very accurate hardened steel dowels register the blade at exactly 90 degrees and the blade is held in place with a wooden wedge.

The honing guide is supplied with a wedge. If you would like to make your own, watch our video below.

For skewed or cambered blades, a suitable spacer can be placed between one of the steel pins and the blade, giving accurate, controllable, repeatable results.

Simple, brilliant, beautifully engineered and from the first time you use one: indispensable.

All of Richard Kell's honing guides come with a copy of his wonderfully clear set of handwritten instructions, complete with neatly drawn diagrams, that leave you in no doubt that your honing guide was made by a man for whom precision is as essential as breathing.

Capacity: 0 to 2⅝" width (66.67mm)