Richard Kell No.2 Honing Guide with Large Rollers

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For standard length chisels and western plane irons the Richard Kell No.2 LGE is an oustandingly well designed and made tool. If you use Japanese planes and chisels or short bladed chopping chisels, the small roller version may be preferred.

Designed using geometric principles that date back to ancient Greece and with each component carefully made in a toolroom environment each Kell tool is a work of artistry. A pair of polycarbonate washers grip the blade from the sides whilst the back of the blade registers against a pair of stainless steel rods. This unique arrangement uses the correct face of the tool as the datum for establishing the bevel angle and allows tapered or handcrafted blades to be honed accurately.

The UHMWPE rollers and solid brass bobbins are individually machined from solid and selectively paired for annular thickness to better than half a thou.

All of Richard Kell's honing guides come with a copy of his wonderfully clear set of handwritten instructions, complete with neatly drawn diagrams, that leave you in no doubt that your honing guide was made by a man for whom precision is as essential as breathing.

Capacity: 0 to 2⅝" width (66.67mm)