Clifton Low Angle Block Plane (Adjustable Mouth)


The new Clifton block plane is based on the proportions of a No. 9½ low angle block plane. A little broader than the 60½ with a generous cutting width of 1⅝", they sit particularly well in a medium to large hand.

Clifton block planes are made from vacuum cast bronze, a technique that ensures a very high integrity casting with no voids or porosity. Like the Clifton bench planes each one is individually machined and then finished and assembled by hand.

The blade of the Clifton is made from roll forged O1 carbon steel and given the same superb heat treatment as the bench plane irons. Adjustment comes courtesy of an elegantly incorporated Norris adjustment mechanism complete with little nubs in the bed to hold the blade centrally and ensure that it pivots consistently.

The cap, laminated from solid brass and walnut, makes a wonderfully tactile interface and brings an element of nature into your little gold bar.

Over time both the bronze and the walnut will mellow and take on a beautiful rich brown patina, with polished spots where your fingers fall.

  • Sole Dimensions: 2" x 6⅜" (50 x 163mm)
  • Blade: O1 carbon steel ⅛" (3mm) thick Cryogenically hardened to RC61
  • Weight: 950g (about 2lbs)