Clifton No 400 Detail Plane


A delightful little plane for the finest delicate trimming and fitting operations, the Clifton 400 can get into all sorts of tucked away places that would normally be out of reach.

The Clifton 400 is based on the classic (and rare) Preston Registered Bull Nose Rebate Plane. Like the original it has a hand fitted rosewood wedge, set using the tap and try method, and an exceptionally fine mouth, the blade however, is substantially thicker than the original.

Setting the blade can take a few tries, (slipping a piece of paper under the heel works well) but once it's set, you can leave it set and store the plane in its box.

  • Length: 3⅛" (80mm)
  • Width: 7⁄16" (11mm)
  • Weight: 6½oz (0.18 kg)

The timber used in this tool has recently been added to CITES appendix 2. Although it is perfectly legal and above board, the cost of obtaining the licenses now required to ship it outside of the European Union are prohibitive for individual movements. We are therefore only able to offer this tool for sale to customers within the EU.