Clifton No 4 Smoothing Plane


The Clifton No 4 is the most popular size of smoothing plane. Designed to take an incredibly thin shaving from wood that has already been flattened, leaving a flawless silken surface that is ready to receive finish.

At 4lbs 6oz (2kg) the Clifton No 4 is nearly half a pound heavier than its North American rivals. 9½" long with a 2" cryogenic cutting iron it feels sturdy and capable from the moment you first pick it up.

The bedrock frog has a fully machined underside, which mates perfectly, across its entire surface, with the fully machined bed in the sole casting. Even with the frog adjusted forward, closing the mouth up to ¹⁄₆₄" or better, the blade remains solidly clamped and well supported.

The other nice feature of the Bedrock setup is that the mouth setting can be adjusted from the rear of the frog, negating the need to remove the iron and lose your settings. To do this, simply slacken off the two outside screws and then wind the centre one clockwise to tighten the mouth or anti-clockwise to open it.

New stock will be fitted with walnut handles

Please note: Clifton no longer supply their planes with polished lever cap.