Clifton No 3 Smoothing Plane

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The smallest of the Clifton range, the No 3 is a compact smoother, designed for making the final passes to produce a flawless surface.

Despite being just over 2" wide the Clifton No 3 weighs a full 3lbs 12oz (1.7 Kilos) heavier than many other manufacturers No 4s.

Like its big brothers, the No 3 comes with a thick, cryogenic iron made from Sheffield carbon steel, with a cleverly designed chipbreaker that effectively laminates the iron and doubles its thickness to over ¼". The detachable cap of the chipbreaker is pre-sharpened and both chipbreaker and lever cap are polished to ensure a smooth, unimpeded flow of shavings.

Fitted with walnut handles.

Please note: This is the latest Clifton model, which no longer has a polished lever cap.