Clifton No 4-1/2 Heavy Smoothing Plane


When it comes to dressing wide boards and panels to a standard that is ready to receive finish, look no further than the Clifton No 4½.

This 10¾" long heavyweight smoothing plane is equipped with a full 2⅜" wide blade so you can cover a large area with fewer passes. With an authority of 5lbs 15oz (2.6 kg) the Clifton No. 4½ is the heaviest in its class.

The mouth should be set very fine - closed right up to around ¼" or half a millimetre. This tight mouth setting, combined with the plane's mass, prevents the timber ahead of the cutting edge from lifting. As a result the surface left behind is shaved, (rather than being first torn and then shaved.)

With a fine set and a sharp blade, the Clifton 4½ leaves an immaculate, almost polished surface, even in heavily figured timber.

Now fitted with walnut handles

Please note: Clifton no longer supply their planes with polished lever cap.