Clifton No 420 Shoulder Plane

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An accurate and practical shoulder plane is a must have item for producing neat, attractive, mortice and tenon joinery.

Used on its side the shoulder plane takes extremely fine shavings on the endgrain of tenon shoulders. Gradually working back from the sawn surface to reveal the polished track left by your marking gauge or knife; when the track appears all the way around the shoulder you know it is perfectly square and true.

The Clifton 420 is a very fine example of this indispensable tool. The oil hardened (RC60) O1 carbon steel cutter is ground at 25 degrees and bedded at 18.5, giving an included angle of 43.5 degrees. Being carbon steel it takes an edge like a surgeons scalpel, and should you feel the need to go lower, is able to cope with much steeper bevel angles than alloyed blades.

The sole, sides and bed of the normalised grey iron casting are precision machined, whilst the front, top and rear are polished to a mirror finish.

Blade and body are held together by an elegant, malleable iron, swan neck lever cap and adjustment is provided by a fine threaded micrometer screw at the rear.

  • Length: 8" (203mm)
  • Width: ¾" (19mm)
  • Weight: 2½lbs (1.2 Kilos)