Clifton No 3110 Chisel / Bullnose / Shoulder Plane


Configurable as either a shoulder, bullnose or chisel plane the Clifton 3110 is a very versatile piece of kit. However, the thing that makes it truly remarkable, is that in any of its 3 roles it will outperform almost every equivalent single function plane on the market.

As a shoulder plane it fills the hand nicely and the generous width means it can be used for fettling the cheeks of tenons as well as the shoulders

With the shorter nosepiece and either both, one or neither of the ¹⁄₆₄" and ¹⁄₃₂" precision shims installed, the 3110 becomes a high performance bullnose plane

The rear section can also be used on its own as a chisel plane, no good for surfaces, but unbeatable for cleaning into internal corners for a perfect finish.

Built to very exacting standards, the Clifton 3110 is a single, beautifully engineered solution to three distinct requirements.

Length 6" (152mm)

Width 1⅛" (29mm)

Mass 2lbs (0.9 Kilos)