Ernest Wright 10" Sidebent Tailor Shears


Ernest Wright's smooth, straight cutting, ten inch sidebent Tailor's shears are the classic scissor for cutting individual pieces of fabric or adjusting finished garments.

Available left or right handed and always with a fully hand polished finish so that they are delightfully comfortable to use and slip effortlessly through and around the fabric without snagging.

Scissors for cutting cloth or hair should never be used for cutting paper as this can prematurely dull the blades.

  • Total length: 25.4 cm / 10"
  • Blade length: 15.24 cm / 6"
  • Material: Drop forged high quality carbon steel, for long-life precision edge retention
  • Finish: Hand polished
  • Right Handed
  • Packaging: High Quality presentation box

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