Ernest Wright 12" Paper Hanger Scissors


Paper hanging scissors have long straight blades for making long straight cuts. The trade of the professional paper hanger, who would have been called upon to install beautifully crafted wallcoverings of fine houses and stately homes is now part of the skillset of the modern painter and decorator.

Out of production since the 1980's but now reintroduced, Ernest Wright Paper Hanger's scissors are the correct tool for the job. Whether you are a professional or interior design enthusiast they will guarantee clean and true cuts, so vital when hanging sections which need to be cut to perfectly fit the wall, and to accurately align patterns between sections of wallpaper.

These 12″ paper hanging scissors are best suited to medium or large hands with the 10" version better for smaller hands as they are lighter and have tighter bows. They lie comfortably flush on your cutting surface/table. They can also be used for other applications where long cuts are required in card, paper and general crafts.

Supplied in a gorgeous leather pouch, handmade by Wilebore Leather at Portland Works Sheffield.

  • Type: Paperhangers / Crafts
  • Use: Decorators, artisan, creative craft, cutting paper / wallpaper
  • Total length: 30.48 cm / 12"
  • Blade length: 17.0 cm / 6.7"
  • Weight: 315g
  • Material: Drop forged high quality carbon steel, for long-life precision edge retention
  • Hand polished
  • Right-handed
  • Packaging: Handmade Leather Pouch*

* If vegans or vegetarians are uncomfortable receiving the leather pouch - please get in intouch with us and we can remove it completely or package it separately for you.

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