FAMAG 1594.835 5pc HSS-G Lip & Spur Set

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Fully ground HSS is fairly common in premium quality metalworking drills, although most manufacturers deem it unnecessary over specification in woodwork tooling. FAMAG disagree, they believe that using over specified materials and manufacturing methods results in a tool that will deliver superior performance, durability and results. It took me one hole with the FAMAG 1594 series drill to work out who was right.

Usually the spiral channel that extracts the chips is a symmetrical U shape in cross section. FAMAG round over the trailing edge which increases the amount of space for waste removal by nearly 50%. The pitch is also more aggressive which also helps to keep the cutting face clear.

You don't get compressed wooden spirals stuck in the flutes with these bits, instead they eject a plume of chips as they are cutting, which means you can go to full depth as fast as you like and they still cut cleaner, cooler, faster and longer than anything else on the market.

Set of 5 pieces in a compact plastic cassette. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm.