FAMAG 1622 Bormax Forstners

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Ordinary forstner bits are prone to premature dulling of the cutting edges unless they are used at very low speeds and kept sharp.

FAMAG Bormax bits have been designed specifically for powered use. The outer perimeter is relieved allowing the heat generated at the cutting edge to dissipate.

They can be used freehand or in a drill press, the larger ones at up to 750rpm, the smaller ones at up to 2500rpm.

The Bormax design works so well that they are cool enough to hold within a few seconds of being withdrawn from the hole, cooler running means the cutting edges remain sharp for longer and so the overall durability of the tool is greatly extended and maintenance reduced.

All sizes have an overall length of 90mm and a cutting length of 57mm.

Shaft diameter for sizes 10-20mm is 8mm.

Shaft diameter for sizes 22-40mm is 10mm.