Fujikawa Chu-Usu Nomi Carpenter's Chisel Set of 4


Set contains 12, 18, 24 and 36mm chisels

Larger and heavier than standard Japanese bench chisels, chu usu have longer blades and are designed for larger work like framing or bench building.

Made to the same spec as the other chisels in the Fujikawa professional range with fully hand forged and ground laminated white paper steel blades, hon akagashi premium red oak handles and blued steel hoops, these beautiful chisels are a real pleasure to own and use.

As with all chisels, care should be taken to use them only for cutting thin slices after the bulk of the material has been removed with a saw or drill, and never to lever or pry.

Approximate Measurements:


Overall  Length 

Handle Length

Useable Blade Length Blade Thickness 
12mm (½") 300mm (12") 126mm (5") 90mm (3½") 6 - 4
18mm (¾") 300mm (12") 126mm (5") 90mm (3½") 7 - 5
24mm (1") 300mm (12") 126mm (5") 90mm (3½") 8 - 6
36mm (1½") 300mm (12") 126mm (5") 90mm (3½") 7.5 - 6