Gyokucho 152 Select Takehiki Pruning Saw 200mm (Fine)

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A compact but remarkably efficient saw for gardening and horticulture, the Gyokucho Takehiki is designed to cut tough fibrous plant stems like vines, roses and even bamboo cleanly and efficiently without tearing the delicate outer skin.

The teeth on Gyokucho saws are tough, extremely sharp and hold their edge for years (replacement blades are available when you eventually need them). The blade is nickel plated for corrosion protection and a silky smooth, almost frictionless cut.

The handle is forged from aluminium, overmoulded with a special textured plastic. Although incredibly light in weight, it feels solid, secure and purposeful and remains grippy even when wet.

The sheath is robust and well designed, the belt loop is wide enough to fit a safety harness (either clipped on or threaded through) and has a swivel mount so that it doesn't impede movement when climbing, squatting or bending. A touch lock mechanism prevents the saw from falling out but makes it easy to draw by simply extending your index finger when removing the saw from the sheath.

  • Blade Length: 200mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.70mm
  • Cutting width: 1.00mm
  • Teeth Pitch: 1.5mm/ 16.9tpi