Gyokucho Japanese TPE Saws Deluxe Set

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This is a TPE equivalent version of our bestselling Gyokucho rattan handle deluxe set.

Gyokucho are the world's favourite Japanese saws and as soon as you use one it's easy to understand why. The latest generation of Gyokucho saws have blue handles made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) a remarkable material that is simultaneously hard and resilient yet feels velvety to the touch and affords a superb grip.

This comprehensive set of five Gyokucho saws covers all of the sawing tasks you are likely to encounter when making furniture.

First up is the impressive 664 Ryoba, (616 in rattan) a hugely capable rip and crosscut saw that will happily resaw 4 to 5 inch wide boards into thinner, bookmatched, 4 to 5 inch boards and crosscut them to length. It will also handle workbench sized joinery with speed and accuracy.

The 400 Ibrame kataba is a panel saw, it will happily rip an 8 foot by 4 foot sheet of ply in half lengthwise in under a minute, without straying from your pencil line. Like all Gyokucho saws it has a mirror polished electroless nickel plated blade that resists corrosion and shrugs off resins.

The 667 Ryoba (651 in rattan) is designed for cabinetmaking with a harder, stiffer blade and a shallower angle between the edges with extra fine 'Komame' teeth making it suitable for smaller workpieces. This is your tenon saw, with rip teeth on one side and crosscut on the other, most of your component prep will be done with this.

For dovetailing we have included the popular 375 Dozuki, (372 in rattan) a full spine professional dovetail saw with a plate thickness of just under ⅓ of a mm and beautifully fine razor sharp teeth.

The finishing touch is the standard wooden handled 1151 double edged flush cutting saw, with a highly flexible blade and unset teeth for trimming through tenons, wedges, drawbore pegs and dowels flush with the surrounding surface.

The set comes in a purpose designed nylon saw case with internal leaves to protect the saws from each other, external pockets, a shoulder strap and a loop so that it can hang on a nail in the workshop.

Regular price if items purchased individually: £229.90

Here's an interesting video by David Walton, YouTube's Unplugged Woodworker, using a Gyokucho TPE Ryoba to cut an arc - starts at 03:33.