Gyokucho TPE Blue Hard Ryoba 240mm + Narex 8116 Bundle

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Set includes:

Gyokucho 666 TPE Blue Hard Ryoba 240mm

Bluehard blades are designed for precise and careful work, they have a slightly shallower angle on the toothline making them less aggressive than a standard ryoba and the sawplate is heat treated to be a little stiffer.

Gyokucho razorsaws, the original replaceable blade Japanese saws, have long been renowned for their cutting efficiency and excellent durability. These latest generation of Gyokucho saws have blue handles made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) a remarkable material that is simultaneously hard and resilient yet feels velvety to the touch and affords a superb grip. Rest assured that TPE is an eco-friendly alternative to rubber, and isn't harmful to the environment as it is completely recyclable.

The blades of Gyokucho saws are treated using a process called electroless nickel plating, this has three functions. Firstly, it protects the blade against corrosion, secondly it provides a nice shiny mirror surface so you can gauge your cutting angles, and thirdly its low friction properties inhibit resins and sap from building up on the blade - anything that does manage to get stuck to them can easily be washed off with warm soapy water. The teeth are differentially impulse hardened, one by one, bringing the outer surfaces to RC68 or more whilst still leaving the 'root' of the tooth soft and therefore much less prone to fracture - not unlike tiny Japanese sword blades. They are equally happy working in softwoods or temperate hard woods and can, with care and a light touch, be used on exotic timbers too.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 560mm
  • Blade thickness 0.5mm
  • Pitch 1.7mm / 14.9tpi XC
  • Pitch 3.8-2.4mm / 6.7-10.6tpi Rip
  • Set 0.125mm per side
  • Max depth of cut = unlimited
  • TPE handle
  • Model number 666

Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisel 3, 8, 14 & 18mm (black)

The 8116 series of Narex chisels are accurately ground, affordable, Cabinetmaker’s chisels with fine edges and close tolerance backs. We have found them to be the best value chisels accurate work but that doesn't mean that Narex chisels are cheap, it means you get a lot more chisel for your money.

Narex forge the chisel blades from Chrome Manganese (CrMn) spring steel and isothermally harden it to produce a very even and consistent bainitic structure at RC59 +/-1. In use, Chrome Manganese steel delivers similar performance to carbon steel but is more efficient to produce.

The sides of the chisel are around 1mm with negligible lengthwise taper, giving excellent sightlines and good clearance for dovetailing throughout the life of the blade.

The handles were developed from a shape that Narex last used on a range of chisels that they made in the 1930's. They are turned from dense European hornbeam and fitted with a split-proof, self-tightening, plated steel ferrule and we have the slightly smaller handles for the 26mm and narrower chisels fitted just for us to refine their balance and feel - it is a subtle difference, but it's enough to make them feel 'right' in the hand.

They will withstand taps from a mallet without the surface becoming marred and uncomfortable to use when paring. The hornbeam handles are lightly waxed to protect the timber whilst retaining its and natural colour and feel.

Approximate Measurements:

Size  Overall Length  Handle Length  Useable Blade Length SKU 
 3mm (3/32") 252mm (9⅞") 132mm (5¼") 96mm (3¾") 811603
8mm (5/16")  252mm (9⅞") 132mm (5¼") 97mm (3¾") 811608
14mm (⅝") 257mm (10⅛") 132mm (5¼")  100mm (4") 811614
18mm (¾")  265mm (10⅜") 132mm (5¼") 100mm (4") 811618