Handmade Suede Leather Apron

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Our leather apron is handmade in France using a single piece of fully tanned premium suede leather, cut from the bridge of selected hides. It is broad enough to offer protection without restricting movement or access to trouser pockets, and long enough to cover the thighs without getting in the way if you have to kneel. The adjustable rivetted webbing straps cross at the back, spreading the weight evenly across the shoulders rather than concentrating it at the neck and also ties around the waist.

In a departure from the current 'who can put the most pockets on an apron' trend, we have reverted to the traditional two. One for a small block plane, the other for a square, or perhaps a notebook and pencil, both at the perfect height, next to your hands.

  • Length: 870mm (34.25")
  • Width: 520mm (20.47")
  • Max Waist: 1651mm (65") approx