Handmade Suede Leather Tool Rolls

£42.50 - £67.60
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These suede leather tool rolls are made from extra thick, soft, sumptuous suede that just slips through your fingers.

Fully riveted construction and a chunky woven tie strap secure your tools when you have to take them with you.

The ultimate luxury accommodation for treasured tools.

Perfect for Ashley Iles chisels as well as Fujikawa.


Overall size (approximate): 420mm x 420mm x 2mm

Three 70mm wide pockets and three 50mm pockets. The pockets are 145mm deep.


Overall size (approximate): 780mm x 420mm x 2mm

Three 75mm wide pockets and nine 55mm pockets. The pockets are 145mm deep.

(note: pocket dimensions are approximate and represent the usable width and depth of the pocket)