Bahco Files 150mm Set of 4 with FREE Tool Roll


The art of accurately hand filing surfaces is a skill well worth mastering. It isn't especially difficult, but once you've got the knack it can quickly develop into bit of a fettling habit. This wonderful set of high quality, smooth cut files is ideal for detailed work.

The set comprises:

  • 150mm Smooth Cut. A high quality double-cut smooth hand file, made from alloyed high-carbon tool steel. 6" (150mm) from shoulder to tip, 15.7mm wide, 4.0mm thick, with parallel sides, one safe edge and one single cut edge.
  • 150mm Engineering Second Cut Round. A true rat tail file, straight for ⅓ of the toothed surface at 6mm diameter, and then gently tapered for the remaining two thirds, down to about 4mm diameter at the tip. Second cut toothing provides rapid material removal with care, a surface that requires little or no further finishing.
  • 150mm Engineering Second Cut Half Round. Possibly the most versatile file you will ever own, for flats, hollows and sneaking into corners, the perfect combination of efficient cutting and a clean finish.
  • 150mm Smooth Cut Feather Edge File. Strictly speaking the Bahco 'wasa' feather edged file is designed for sharpening saws, but it is one of those tools for which you soon find a multitude of other uses. The combination of shallow profile and very fine teeth create a superb finish in places that other files cannot reach.
  • Supplied in a Free Workshop Heaven 6 pocket Canvas Tool Roll - worth £14.50.

Each file is fitted with a wonderfully comfortable Holtzapffel pattern Walnut handle with solid brass ferule.

For best results, advance the file with even pressure to bring the maximum number of teeth into contact with the work. Roll the file slowly as you push through the stroke and then lift off on the return stroke to avoid dulling the cutting ridges.

To clean your files gently brush out any accumulated debris with a soft wire brush or file card, always going along the ridges rather than across them. To minimise the chances of the file clogging when working with soft metals, apply chalk liberally to the surfaces before you begin.