Bahco Files 100mm Set of 5 with FREE Tool Roll

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The art of accurately hand filing surfaces is a skill well worth mastering. It isn't especially difficult, but once you've got the knack it can quickly develop into bit of a fettling habit. This wonderful set of small, high quality, smooth cut files is ideal for detailed work on metal or wood.

The set comprises:

  • 100mm round file, double cut, tapered. Ideal for deburring or opening out holes for a specific fit.
  • 100mm halfround file, double cut on the flat side, single cut on the rounded side. A versatile tool for working on larger holes, creating stopped chamfers etc.
  • 100mm warding file, double cut both faces, toothed edges, tapered in width, with a very thin blade for widening or extending narrow slots.
  • 100mm three square file, double cut faces, tapered in its length. Great for 60 degree V grooves, or removing the bulk when establishing an internal corner.
  • 100mm hand file, double cut faces, one safe edge. Perfect for flat work as well as finishing internal right angles and position 90 degree V grooves using the safe edge to work on each face individually.

Each file is fitted with a Holtzapffel pattern English walnut handle with solid brass ferrule.

The set is supplied in a canvas tool roll to keep the files clean and prevent them from rubbing against each other.