Higonokami Blue Paper Folding Pocket Knife + FREE Handmade Leather Pouch

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Comes with a FREE handmade soft barenia calf leather pouch.

This is a genuine handmade Higonokami knife, made by Mr Nagao, the last remaining blacksmith in the guild that is allowed to make Higonokami. They are a simple, cleverly designed, hardworking tool that has remained virtually unchanged in over 160 years.

For those that prefer a little more luxury in their rustic pocket knife, the Blue Paper Higonokami has a laminated blade made from the famous Hitachi Yasuki 'blue paper' alloyed carbon steel. Although still very much a handmade tool it has a slightly better finish than the standard knife and comes with a nice folded brass handle.

Carrying a pocket knife in the UK used to be completely normal. After years of not carrying one it is refreshingly liberating and civilised to be able to fetch a nice bit of laminated Japanese steel out of your pocket when you need to open a box, or packet instead of tearing it. As long as the knife conforms to regulations (this one does) and you use it responsibly, this simple pleasure is perfectly legal.

A classic knife with countless uses at a price that won't break your heart if you accidentally take it through airport security and have to surrender it.

The beautifully crafted pouch fits Higonokami standard, Higonokami economy and small Douk Douk knives. This exquisite natural leather will gradually darken and take on a gorgeous patina over time.


  • Blade length: 75mm
  • Case length: 95mm
  • Case width: 18mm

Leather Pouch:

  • length: approx 100mm
  • internal width: approx 30mm