Mujingfang Bevel Up Smoothing Plane 180mm

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Made from a limited stock of gorgeous 16 year loft matured rosewood and designed to take very light finishing cuts, the Mujingfang bevel up smoother is a fusion of Taiwanese planemaking methods with English mitre plane geometry.

The low bedding angle of the blade makes it very easy to adjust accurately - ideal for beginners learning to set a plane by the 'tap and try' method for the first time. It also places the mouth further forward, more like a western plane than an oriental one.

The tungsten HSS blade is bedded at 25 degrees with a 30 degree ground bevel, giving 55 degrees or middle pitch (one up from York). Adding a 5 degree secondary bevel will give cabinet pitch, 60 degrees, which combined with a very light cut reduces the risk of tearout to near zero.

  • Blade: W/Mo High Speed Steel RC64
  • Overall length: 180mm
  • Body width: 60mm
  • Blade width: 44mm