Mujingfang Shungee Rosewood Plough Plane

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A rustic but highly effective tool for cutting grooves or rebates with reference to an edge.

Just 7' long and 1¾" in height, the Mujingfang plough plane is quite small and nimble, think of it as a wooden version of an 043.

The finish on these isn't quite as refined as the other Mujingfang planes, but nothing a tickle with a file and a drop of oil won't sort out. The cutters are slightly tapered to stop them binding in the cut, so you use the cutting edge to set your gauge for whatever is going to fit into the groove.

  • Supplied with 5 hand forged cutters: ⅛", ¼", ⁵⁄₁₆", ⅜" & ½"
  • Maximum depth of cut: ⅜" / 10mm