Mujingfang Rosewood Panel Gauge

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Beautifully crafted in shungee rosewood and brass, the Mujingfang panel gauge is a delightful tool for setting out the width of boards from a prepared edge.

The curved top nestles into the hand like a shoulder plane, with your index finger laying along the top and the others curled around the stem. A curved rebate in the body registers against the face edge allowing for the movement of your arm as you draw the tool along the board.

The stem is secured with a brass twist lock at the front of the stock. Once the setting is established, small adjustments can be made by tapping the ends of the stem, either on the bench or with a small hammer.

The supplied 260mm stem gives a capacity of up to 200mm in from your reference edge, which covers the majority of furniture work, although if you wanted to make a longer stem it's only a ten minute job.

  • Overall length: 150mm
  • Capacity: 0 - 200mm