Mujingfang Hong Kong Style Ebony Jack Plane 280mm

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Hong Kong style planes have a wedged iron and chipbreaker that will be familiar to users of British wooden planes. Because the irons and wedge work in opposite directions they are considerably easier to set, adjust and maintain than a Japanese plane.

The jack plane is traditionally used with a cambered iron to remove cupping and twist from boards prior to truing with a try plane. In the modern workshop with machined material they are often set up as a long soled smoothing plane and used for final dimensioning.

These planes can be either pushed or pulled, the through handle is used for pushing with thumbs crossed behind the irons, index fingers extended along the sides of the mouth pocket and the remaining fingers curled around the handle.

The braized HSS iron is hardened to RC63-64, well below the RC70 that the steel is potentially capable of, but this lower hardness delivers a very pleasant balance of edge retention, sharpenability and toughness. Any standard 1-3/4" iron, modern or old, will also fit.

  • Length: 280mm
  • Width: 58mm
  • Bedding Angle: 42.5deg
  • Iron: 1-3/4" / 45mm braized HSS tip