Quangsheng No. 8 Bedrock Pattern Jointer Plane


The Quangsheng No.8 is a specialist tool for preparing long edges and large surfaces more accurately and in fewer strokes than any of the other metal bench planes. It is longer and heavier than planes used for day to day stock removal work, so like the smoother, it only comes out when needed, does its 'bang on straight in a few passes' thing, and gets put away again.

The surface needs to be reasonably close before you even think about taking a jointer to it, but with carefully machined or hand trued components you can achieve astonishing tolerances for flatness and straightness in a few passes.

Quangsheng bedrock pattern handplanes, unlike the more common Bailey pattern, have a full contact area between the body and the frog, hence the name 'bedrock'. The frog can also be adjusted to widen or narrow the mouth of the plane without the need to remove the irons. Simply loosen the two locking screws on either side at the back of the frog, adjust the central screw to set your desired mouth opening and then nip up the side screws again. This system is easier, faster, much more accurate, and less likely to damage the cutting edge.


  • Precision ground, unbreakable CR40 alloy steel casting.
  • Engineered lateral adjuster with guide bearing and brass tab.
  • Low profile cap iron.
  • Brushed finish stainless steel lever cap.
  • Cherry wood handles.
  • Conforms to British Standard.
  • Cutting Iron ⅛ in (3mm) thick 2⅝ in (66.5mm).
  • Cutting iron made from T10 carbon steel hardened to RC63.
  • Sole Dimensions: 24 inches (610mm) long, just over 3 inches (78mm) wide

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.