Quercus Magazine - Jan/Feb 2022

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Quercus, a quarterly magazine for anyone working wood by hand featuring a wide variety of subjects including tools, techniques, design and craftmanship past and present.

Quercus is edited by Nick Gibbs, with the assistance of a specialised freelance writers and magazine people and is printed full colour on recycled paper.

January/February 2022 Features:

  • Exclusive Interview with Paul Sellers
  • Misti Leitz - Is she really Britain's best woodworker
  • Radha Sivyer - The challenges of making a chair in two days
  • Dylan Iwakuni - Discovers how an antique shop inspired a chairmaker by chance
  • Bill Ratcliffe - The Warrington chest - history and value of making tool chests
  • Edge Protection - how to protect flesh from edges and edges from nicks
  • The Endangered Crafts - The meaning and significance of the HCA red list of threatened skills
  • Germán Peraire - 21 step manual to cutting a wedged, through M&T joint
  • Ethan Sinox - makes a bog oak plane box