Quercus Magazine - May/Jun 2023

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Quercus, a quarterly magazine for anyone working wood by hand featuring a wide variety of subjects including tools, techniques, design and craftmanship past and present.

Quercus is edited by Nick Gibbs, with the assistance of a specialised freelance writers and magazine people and is printed full colour on recycled paper.

May/June 2023 Features:

  • James Mursell: Chairmaking
  • Robin Gates: Bench Levelling
  • John Lloyd: Honing by Hand
  • Jögge Sundqvist: Emma Armchair
  • Steve Schuler: Arts & Crafts Problems
  • Nick Gibbs: Making a Chair
  • Peter Galbert: Shaping Solid Seats
  • Hugh Thompson: Old Woodworker Magazines
  • Hamish Low: The Black Oak Table
  • John Lloyd: Bench Planing Stops
  • Martin Sturflält: Makes a Sliding Jig
  • Rex Krueger: Austin Papp Foreplane
  • Robin Gates: Surform file & Shinto Saw Rasp
  • Scott Wynn: Router Plane Depth Stop