Fujikawa Professional Sasu Nomi Japanese Slick 54mm


This beautiful hand forge-laminated Japanese timber framer's slick from Fujikawa is used for fine tuning large scale joinery for a perfect fit after the majority of the waste has been sawn or drilled away. The slick chisel is used with both hands and the shoulder to take tiny slices with maximim control.

Each chisel is crafted from a layer of white paper steel, fire welded around a softer iron block that is then drawn out to form the neck and tang. Fujikawa are renowned for their mastery of traditional heat treatment methods that enable them to match the edge retention of alloyed blue paper steel whilst retaining the superior edge taking, resilience, and silky quality of unalloyed white.

The handle, turned from 'hon akagashi' premium quality Japanese red oak fits over the tang and into a tapered socket ferrule, creating a joint that self-tightens as the tool is used. The ferrule is hand ground to blend it with the bolster leaving a barely perceptible line around the neck where the two components meet.

The blade of the slick is canted slightly to clear the neck and handle, so you can reach the inner walls of deep mortces unhindered.

Approximate Measurements: 

  • Size: 54mm (2")
  • Overall length: 580mm (22¾")
  • Useable Blade length: 120mm (4¾")

Please note; this is a cutting tool and should never be used to lever or pry, nor should it ever be struck with a hammer or mallet. If the blade becomes lodged in the work, ease it out with a gentle side to side movement and take a thinner slice.