Sashi Nomi Japanese Framers Paring Slick 54mm

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This beautiful laminated Japanese timber framer's slick chisel is used for fine tuning large scale joinery.

Made by the same guys that produce our Japanese paring chisels, some will be marked and others not, depending on the seniority of the smith that made them, but all have been inspected and passed by a master Japanese blacksmith.

The blade is canted to clear the neck and handle, so the effective cutting depth is unlimited.

Approximate measurements:

  • Size: 54mm (2") 
  • Overall length: 576mm (22¾")
  • Useable Blade Length: 120mm (4¾")

Please note; this is a cutting tool and should never be used to lever or pry, nor should it ever be struck with a hammer or mallet. If the blade becomes lodged in the work, ease it out with a gentle side to side movement and take a thinner slice.