Sheoak (Australian) Pen Blank - Single

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Sheoak (Australian)
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Australian Sheoak (Allocasuarina Fraseriana)

Also known as Common, Fraser's Sheoak or its Aboriginal name Condil, it needs more moisture than other Sheoaks, so it doesn't occur much further north of Perth. A rare, slow growing evergreen commonly reaching 9m in height, its slender, needle-like leaves were once used as bedding by the Aboriginal peoples as well as using the fruiting cones from the female tree as food.

It has a fine and even texture, dark orange-red to brown heartwood, with broad medullary rays. It was used as roof shingles by the early settlers, and later in the manufacture of casks and kegs. Today it is more commonly used in wood turning and carving, favoured for guitar and instrument making as well as a popular choice for inlaying and box making.

Dimensions: 19mm x 19mm x 150mm