Shield Technology Restore Project Pack

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Shield Technology Restore Rust Remover is the only rust remover on the market that is both biodegradable and a 19:1 concentrate. So you only pay shipping for 100g but end up with two litres of full strength reusable products that can both be disposed of safely down the drain when they are eventually used up.

Restore Pre-Clean Degreaser is a powerful, highly concentrated, formulation for removing and emulsifying oily residues. For best results mix pre-clean with warm water and agitate the surface to ensure all traces of oil and grease are gone.

Once cleaned, submerge your rusty item in the rust remover solution, and after a couple of hours the rust will have been dissolved. In extreme cases it may be necessary to rinse the part clean and return it to the solution for a second dip. Using the solution warm will speed up the reaction. The remaining liquid can be stored and reused several times over until it becomes black and stops working.

Unlike phosphoric acid or other acid based products, Shield Technology Restore Rust Remover is approximately pH neutral, will not attack good metal, plastics or non ferrous metals, (it is best to remove any wooden handles though as the water will damage them).

Once the de-rusting process is complete, restore leaves the surface passivated - so there is no problem with post-treatment 'flash rusting' associated with acidic formulations.

For long term protection against further corrosion, we recommend Shield Technology VanGuard or ToolGuard products.

Formulated, developed and produced in England.

Each 50ml makes 1 litre of full strength solution.