Shield Technology ToolGuard VCI

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Volatile corrosion inhibitor is the chemical that is used in small quantities to impregnate the paper that new tools are sometimes wrapped in. Rather than simply creating a physical barrier, the VCI product actively interferes with the electro chemical corrosion process.

Each Shield Technology ToolGuard VCI pot contains an absorbent pad that is literally soaked in the stuff. Once the lid is removed the vapour is released very slowly, providing up to 12 months corrosion protection in a volume up to 2 cubic feet.

The ToolGuard VCI pots are designed to protect tools and components in storage cases, toolboxes and tool chests. In large cabinets, distribute several pots evenly throughout the cabinet, using the adhesive backing if necessary. In traditional cabinets with wooden drawers, use one pot per drawer.

Larger items like drill presses and bandsaws can be protected by placing a ToolGuard VCI pot on the tool and covering it with a heavy plastic bag when not in use.

Until the container is opened its shelf life is infinite.