Shield Technology ProtecTool Wax 40ml

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Developed specifically for woodworking tools, ProtecTool is a silicone free microcrystalline wax formulation with added corrosion inhibitors. It is applied like shoe polish, as thinly as possible, and then buffed to a shine.

Once hardened, the thin layer of wax leaves a very low friction surface, so your tools glide effortlessly. Fantastic on handplanes, machine tables, lathe beds - anywhere you want a slippery surface and protection from rust.

In a pinch it can also be used as a top finishing coat for wood. The corrosion inhibitors won't cause any issues, so it works just like any other microcrystalline wax finish.

The 40ml pot was intended as a sample size, although there's probably enough here to treat all of the tools and machines in an average workshop to at least a couple of applications.