Shield Technology Corrosion Control Kit

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The Shield Technology Corrosion Control Kit contains the four best selling products at one fantastic price!

  • Restore Rust Remover 250ml (makes approx 5 litres)
  • HoneRite Gold Water Additive 250ml (makes 6 litres)
  • Vanguard Anti-Rust Coating 250ml
  • ProtecTool Wax Polish 100ml

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Restore Rust Remover 250ml

A highly concentrated, fully biodegradable, PH neutral liquid rust remover that you mix 19:1 with plain water, so this 250ml bottle will make just under 5 litres of finished strength product that can be re-used several times over.

After removing any wooden handles, submerge your rusty item in the solution, and after a couple of hours the rust will have been dissolved. In extreme cases it may be necessary to rinse the part clean and return it to the solution for a second dip.

Restore leaves the surface passivated - so there is no problem with post-treatment 'flash rusting' associated with acidic formulations and can be poured it down the drain without damaging the environment.

HoneRite Gold 125ml

A highly concentrated water additive that makes water non-corrosive. Suitable for use with powered wetstone grinders (Tormek etc), diamond stones and all types of waterstones. One 250ml tin is enough to treat 6 litres of water!

Vanguard Anti-Rust Coating 250ml

Offers a high degree of corrosion protection for metals stored in humid conditions, fluctuating temperatures etc.

A high quality mineral oil base provides barrier protection with added ferrous and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors that protect electrochemically and prevent brass components from turning green. A VCI additive turns your treated tool into a VCI emitter in its own right, if stored in an enclosed space the tool will develop its own protective 'atmosphere' which will seep into any nooks and crannies.

ProtecTool Wax Polish 100ml

A silicone-free soft wax polish containing a unique blend of microcrystalline waxes and contact corrosion inhibitors. Provides unbeatable protection against corrosion and rusty finger marks, and significantly reduces the coefficient of friction, making your tools slide beautifully.

Apply sparingly to the soles and sides of handplanes, cast iron machine tool beds, chisels, saw blades, etc. Allow to dry for a few minutes before buffing to a shine.